A fantastic and intimate performance in front of an audience of just 30, by one of Edinburgh’s finest magicians

An inexplicable an unexplainable levitation trick involving a dollar bill floating in midair is the undoubted star of the show tonight. A trick that defies physical reality and has the select audience literally gasping and perplexed, shaking their heads, and looking around the tiny room for mirrors, smoke, thread. Anything? But finding no clues.

Like the perfect crime, carried out by the perfect criminal, Kevin’s delivery is silky smooth, and his getaway is equally slick, and in the most part completely unfathomable.

Kevin Quantum has been honing his magic skills in Edinburgh for the last seventeen years, after giving up a PHD in Physics and is still seemingly defying Physics. He admits after the show, that the levitation trick is one of his favourites, but, with a perfectly serious face that ‘levitation is not easy’! It’s hard to know if he is joking!

Combining an easy wit with exceptional sleight of hand, Kevin looks back at some of the most famous tricks from the last century. Cards, coins and a glass bottle which inexplicably passes through a table in front of our eyes. Audience members reach out and touch the spot on the table, their eyes perplexed. Prepare to be entertained and astonished in equal measure.

North West End 

“a consummate showman, with decent patter and magic tricks that make you roar you appreciation and approval.”

Scottish Field, ****

“This is a clever evening of magic. Well-worked, carefully chosen and nicely appropriate for the time and place in a way which gives each illusion its own story – while allowing Kevin Quantum’s personality to shine through.”

The stage ****

“Scotland’s premier magician. A master of his craft who continues to push himself, he dazzles and delights audiences worldwide with skills which remain baffling and inexplicable.  From phoenix flowers, born of flame, to a handful of playing cards which obey his commands, appearing as directed in places anticipated yet logically impossible, Quantum’s tools are as in thrall to him as the audience.”

Geek Chocolate


We really enjoyed the intimate and special show

K, Indonesia

Great audience participation and repartee. Last trick with the “4 pictures” was astonishing as we, the audience, seemed to be in control!

R, England

Didn’t know what to expect but thoroughly enjoyed it – highly entertaining as well as astonishing and a nice addition of humour to round it off. Absolutely fantastic show.

S, England

I ADORED the show – it’s absolutely amazing to be able to see magic close up and without a massive stage in the way. Kevin is also wondrously charismatic (a sexy Doctor Who, you might say) and made everybody, especially the participants who came up, feel at ease. The magic was incredible and Kevin was witty and charming. All in all it was a brilliant experience that I would absolutely do again!!

Alex, France

I don’t believe in magic before but now I don’t believe my eyes

R, Indonesia

Thanks for a great show! Keep it up

R, Belgium

Great audience participation and repartee. Last trick with the “4 pictures” was astonishing as we, the audience, seemed to be in control!

R, England

It was fabulous to be so close to the magic & was a lovely room to hold it in.

S, Edinburgh

It was a superb show, some mind blowing pieces, especially the bottle through a table. 

Gavin, Edinburgh

Kevin was brilliant, started with the small tricks and then slammed in with the mind blowing stuff! Interacted really well with the group and no one was left out.

Ed, Edinburgh

You’re amazing! I really appreciated each moment of the show, my girlfriend thought the same!

Anthony, Edinburgh

Friendly. Humorous. Very talented performer.

Rosemary, Falkirk

I was blown away by the show, from the venue to the level of skill Kevin has, it was all just amazing. I loved the audience participation, it felt like a private magic show just for us and the tricks were outstanding.

Sara, Edinburgh

We will be booking tickets to go & see the show at the Fringe

R, Edinburgh

Fabulous show, really get to see the magic up close which makes it even more amazing.  Kevin’s stories also help to create a fun, involved atmosphere.

Linda, Glasgow


Such a lovely evening – love the intimacy of a small venue



Great show, relaxed fun atmosphere


The show was truly sensational and Kevin engaged the audience at all times and kept everyone’s attention. His “tricks” were all new to me and I found them really amazing!



Brilliant show, astonishing magic delivered with humour and made even more amazing that we were so close!


Kevin’s performance was engaging and entertaining. We had a wonderful time and hope to be able to see Kevin perform again.


He is truly amazing! And funny and personable too. We loved the performance!


Absolutely loved the show and venue, looking forward to seeing Kevin again at the Fringe


It was the most amazing show I have EVER seen. Me and my son Jack came to see you whilst my wife and other son were at the Harry Styles concert. You beat Harry!

I think the value comes from being able to be part of the show and get up close to the act. When you did the trick at the end of the show we were right there and you were still able to dumbfound us.

The show was brilliant! Incredibly impressive magic and nice relaxed atmosphere.

Lucy, Portugal

Great show loved how it was interactive and a small crowd.

Liked the small group and room was stunning.

Absolutely loved the venue. Staff in the hotel were fantastic.  Lovely warm greeting from your cousin. Enjoyed the whole experience.


Delightful, funny and very entertaining. Great magic tricks and all this so close up. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Thank you Kevin

Thank you Kevin for the wonderful time and experiences my son and I were allowed to have on this event! It was a great pleasure for both of us 🙂

Great show and I recommended

Great show and I love the storytelling as much as the magic.


Amazing show – thoroughly entertained.


Thank you. We all loved it and was something very special for my mum’s 80th birthday


Kevin was a real showman but also had a personable touch. It was very nice to chat to him before and after the show.

Danny, Edinburgh

Absolutely amazing evening!

Great show. Very enjoyable.

Really entertaining night and loved the extra, up-close trick in the bar afterward!

Hoping you’ll visit London so I can see you again!

S, London

Loved the show.  Having seen in an intimate environment like this one as well as Fringe, definitely prefer the smaller shows, but realize from a financial perspective bigger is probably better.  I honestly think you could probably charge more for it, but understand economics being what they are, maybe not a great thing right now.  Excited to see what’s next! 



Kevin was very engaging, magic was mind blowing.


He was fantastic.


A proper showman! Lovely intimate show in a stunning room. Was a privilege to be so close and to be able to interact with Kevin before during and after his performance. Would of happily paid double what we paid for a ticket and would go again in a heartbeat.

M, Edinburgh

Love the venue so much, please, do not change. Enjoyed every minute of the show.

O, Germany


Fantastic evening, intimate, Kevin is a lovely man with great showman qualities.

G, Edinbrugh

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